Sunday, March 29, 2009

He's On His Way...Home Sweet Home

It's been a busy few weeks here.
We've been stripping the old paint off and changing up the living room.
Moving furniture around and throwing things out.
Everything has to be done by Wednesday night.
Tony will be coming home for a week or so before the CD release show and touring begins.
He is homesick and wants to recharge.

My laptop went to Dell and it's in the process of being fixed.
Hopefully I will have it home soon and I can post all the other stuff that's been going on around here.

Some of the things I feel the need to blog about....

1. An old grade school friend finding me ...and no ...not from facebook.
2. A trip to the gyne after over 14 yrs... Yeah I know...don't yell at me.
3. Mammograms
4. Peri menopause and Panic attacks
5. Updates on the rest of the clan
6 New things at the office

Till then....

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Disco Queen Died

Quick note: My laptop died and I am waiting for Dell to fix it. I have my Storm to carry me through as much as possible till I get it back.

Back in the mid to late seventies, disco was the rage. My taste in music was (even now) eclectic to say the least. It always depended on my mood and/or who I was hanging out with. If I was at home or cleaning, it was salsa or old Cuban music (Ala Buena Vista Social Club). Party music meant rock and if I felt like dancing well....there was disco. There were friends to dance with, another to rock out with and never the twain shall meet.

In the eighties, I started going to Metro/SmartBar. It was a great rock club (still is). We would wonder over to SmartBar even when weren't seeing a band play. I had my own live show once when I walked into the bathroom and found a couple doing their own live performance in one of the stalls. Ahhhh, the good times.

Last weekend Damien told me that Metro had grandparents day for Baby Loves Disco. Metro? Really? A rock club is doing this? He asked me if I wanted to take Desi and that Emilie was working. Since my grandson can shake it to salsa and hip hop, as well as head bang to hardcore and metal, I figured he would have a good time.

Walking into the place made me think of old times and my youth. I remember the wasted shows and drunken nights at the bar. Since it was disco themed, I thought of the days of dancing the night away (though not at Metro). Oh yeah.....until the swarm of toddlers filled the club. My, my, my, have times changed.

The music started and I was a bit perplexed. Since when was ELO, Michael McDonald, The Cars or Asia considered disco? It was not music I ever liked either. They did play some Bee Gees, Prince and Michael Jackson, but still...where was Gloria Gaynor, Ohio Players, Chic, or the Queen herself...Donna Summers???

So as the music played and kids danced around, my grandson was more fascinated by the bubble machine.

Even he knew..... This is NOT disco.

When Monday rolled around I was in pain. Unlike days gone by, my pain was not from a hangover or from dancing. The days of drunkenly running up and down those stairs gave way to slowly carrying a 2 yr old. I had back pain and my thighs were burning.

Disco is dead and so is this queen.