Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightening...lalalala

First Snow with a mix or rain.....

This view from my front porch this morning kinda goes along with how I've been feeling. BLAH!!!
I've had a migraine that reared its uglies and woke me up from a sound sleep at 4:30 Thanksgiving morning. Today is the first day without one.

I went to Mary and Bob's for Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't last long..I just couldn't hang, the pain was unbearable. At one point the pain was so bad I just wanted David to punch me and knock me out. He passed on my suggestion.
Where are all the good drugs???? All I had was Motrin, 4 at a time..that only took the edge off for like a 1/2 hr. Everyone has Vicodin it seems..but since I've never taken them..wasn't too keen on trying it. Where is the good ole Codeine?? or Rx Motrin 800mg would have worked too.

I should have taken the Vicodin.

Yesterday Damien, Emilie, Anjelika and my baby boy came for dinner. I barely made it through. While cooking I had to lay down for a few... just to let the Motrin take affect.

I vegged all day energy.
Grateful that the migraine moved on.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Techno Geek

I finally got it....The Blackberry Storm

I was waiting to upgrade just cause it was coming out and I wanted a Blackberry.
I've been glued to it since it arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning.

And what have I learned???

I'm a MORON!

It's taking me 2 DAMN DAYS to get everything the way I want it AND.....

I keep screwing up.


But still...I'm doing the happy dance.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

See Ya............

He is gone... but as he constantly reminded me...

"I'll be back at Christmas..even if it's only for a few days"

(sheds a tear)...ok in reality I sobbed BIGTIME

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Becoming an Author Groupie

Is there such a thing???

Victim...I mean author: Jen Lancaster

Browsing through Borders about 2 weeks ago, I saw a cover that caught my eye. I opened it up to the middle of the book and read. Then right there in the middle of a crowded Borders, I laughed so hard and loud that those around me turned and stared as if I was in the library and had just farted. I swear I think I peed a little.

After composing myself, I quickly went to check out with my book in one hand and a nice hot cup of cafe mocha in the other. Ahhhh bliss.

I finished the book in record time and quickly went back to Borders to buy her first and second books.

I don't think I've laughed so hard or been left with wanting to read more, in quite a long time.

And like a drug addict looking for their next fix, (Her next book comes out in the Spring of 2009) I read her blog from the beginning to now..I've told everyone I know they have to buy this book.

She is witty, rude, and HILARIOUS!!

Hmmmm she lives here in Chicago. I want to be her new best friend.

Tony's Farewell Benefit

Better known as keep Tony from being another starving musician in Denver.

It turned out to be a big..I mean HUGE party. Thank God it was held at a bar. I couldn't fit that many people in my basement.
There were posters up of Tony through the years. He even said it felt like a memorial.

That's hubby by some of the posters

The boy stayed sober.(Even though from 9pm to 2 am we went through 4 kegs and I have no idea about the mixed drinks.)He was overwhelmed at how many people came and seeing how many people were contributing to the Keep Tony Fed Fund.

In his words..."I am humbled"

Coalition of the Thrilling played first. Tony and Damien together...and as Damien so eloquently put it..The band that broke up their musical collaboration.

Next up..Tony and Laura...Little Sister and the Bullies
Bob was the MC and kept the crowd going and asking people to join in on the 3 raffles that night.

Then Road Crew came on. Tony and Damien's most successful endeavor.

By the crowds would have thought you were at an arena watching some famous rock band
There are over 500 pictures taken..Obviously not posting them all.. But here are a few favs.

Tony leaves Wednesday.....with enough money that he's saved and from the wonderful people that came out and gave their support as well as their hard earned cash.

To all of you..thank you from the bottom of my heart

Heart Attack with a Side of Stroke Please?

Alot has been going on this past month, so I figure I'll break it up into it's own proper sections.

So here goes...

I was having chest pains..the kind that actually hangs in there for a few minutes. Scared the shit out of me, so after Cookie said I looked like shit and asked me if I was feeling ok, I knew it was time to see my cardiologist. Have I mentioned that I work for him too? So I don't get to take a full or even a half day off. That sucks. They just squeeze me in somewhere and come and get me when I am free for a few. The upside is, I don't have a long wait. Ever notice how long you're at a doctor's appointment only to actually see him/her for a nanosecond? Anyway that's another rant all together. Another one asked me to get undressed. Whew... bad enough when you don't know your doc but geez..when you work for them??? UGH!!

Anyway..I was all relaxed when he came in and said it was about time I saw him. I'm a lousy patient. he takes my blood pressure and it was high,... I mean HIGH.
WOW and I was relaxed! Crap I wonder what it is when I'm going nuts at work or at home?

Heart attack or stroke?? So now I'm on Blood pressure med, med for high cholesterol. (I love cheese and fat and greasy foods) oh yeah.. and an aspirin to keep blood thinned to prevent another one of those pesky myocardial infarctions..better known as heart attacks.

So I am being a good girl..taking the meds, getting over a bad cold (that was the chest pain) and gotta start figuring out a way to not be type A.

Suggestions welcomed