Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Preparing for the New Year

Since as far back as I can remember, between the day after Christmas and New Years day, my mom, grandmother, and my aunts would be busy in a cleaning frenzy. My mom passed away over 10 years ago, as did my grandmother but my aunts still follow the tradition.

The thinking behind all this crazed cleaning is that you prepare yourself for the new year fresh start. No mess ...No clutter.

So today I have to clean my office and throw out the files and crap I've accumulated that I don't need. The scraps of paper with numbers on them that I don't remember who they belong to. Wipe down my desk and rearrange everything in order to have good mojo for the coming year.
Then do the same here at home.

Now if only someone can explain why I have to throw out a bucket of water at midnight on New Years Eve?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Thoughts....

1. How did I not get callouses on my ass from being glued to the couch for 4 days??

2. How missing a period can still make me say"Oh Fuck!" Though now the worry isn't "am I pregnant?", it's more about questioning, "Does this mean I need to start stocking up on K Y?"

3. Where are my new towels? Was the dyer monster hungier then usual and go for my towels and not the socks?

4. I wish someone else could take down the christmas tree and put the ornaments away.

5. I should have taken January 2 off and spent another 4 days on the couch.

6. Is that a hair growing on my chin???

7. Why does everyone think this a free laundry facility and just assume that I provide the detergent?

8. I should really make some New Years resolutions this year even though that will go by the wayside by February.

9. Who depantsed James , the basement mannequin?

10. I would really have some fun around here if I was the one laid off.

And the one that keeps creeping through my brain, happens when I pass a mirror...

"who the hell is that staring at me? That's not what I look like."

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Ever since I was born, we celebrated Christmas Eve and it started around 9pm. On that evening we had extended family and friends over for a traditional Cuban Christmas meal that consisted of roasted pork, black beans and rice, yucca, and tomato with avacado salad. Dessert was flan, guayava with cream cheese and turron. After dinner my mom and my aunts would wash dishes, then serve dessert. Once we were done, it was on to opening gifts. There were so many people at our house and so many presents that you could hardly walk into the living room. The gifts took up half the room. At least that's how I remember it. I got the pictures to prove it! HA. My mom would call out peoples names and you stacked your presents till there was nothing under the tree. Then she would go around the room, one present at a time, so everyone could see what the others had gotten. My cousin and I would see who had the highest stack between us.

It would be pretty late and since I'm an only child, as is my cousin...we were sent to bed to await Santa's arrival. We would force ourselves to sleep, not because we weren't tired, but we were just too excited. Sometime in the middle of the night or should I say some ungodly time after 1 or 2 am... we would be woken up to my mom squealing ( my mom was into Christmas as much as we were) that Santa had just left the building. Santa had one up on Elvis in our house.
We then would jump out of bed to see even more gifts. Mind you, it was just the 2 of us, but by the amount of toys, you would think there were more like 6 kids in that house. My cousin had one side and I had the other. Plus you could tell who's was who's because he was a boy and he got the cool stuff I always wanted but I was a girl. Its was the 60's.

It was sensory overload. You see... when we walked into our living room it looked like we walked into a toy store. Our toy store. You mix in the gifts that we had just opened few hours ago to the Santa stuff..well..hence the sensory overload.
Everyone would go home by the time the birds were chirping (if it were summer or not a winter in Chicago) and my dad, mom, grandmother and I would finally go to bed. I was always up really early ( I had napped, remember?) playing with toys and the day was to relax. If my mom didn't take me to midnight mass on Christmas Ever we would go in the morning after breakfast. She would hardly sleep either.

The year I learned there was no Santa ( my dad confirmed what all the other kids at school told me and ridiculed me for..I was 11) was not only the end of Christmas as I knew it but it ruined it for my mom as well. As I said, I'm an only child, my innocence gone and with it went my mom's enthusiasm for Christmas. That was till Damien came along.

David's holiday traditions were totally different than mine. So we compromised. He is the youngest of 5, so the whole Santa thing went out the window for him early in life. He just couldn't believe that I held on to my belief in Santa for that long. Nor could he believe there were so many presents for just one child. Though he did see the pictures. I know the word spoiled was used a lot. I say jealousy.

The compromise??? In the early days we had to hit up my MIL's house, then my aunts( my mom an dad had divorced and my grandmother went to live with her daughters), then my mom's house. That's 3 full dinners and gift opening..Then to our house put Damien to bed to then set up Santa stuff. Santa came in the morning and the gifts were unwrapped, because Santa didn't wrap his presents. But there would still be the sensory overload, because the presents that he had already seen were there with the new stuff Santa brought. David thought it was bad to wake up kids in the middle of the night.
As Damien got older and Tony and Anjelika came along, (we also moved first to Florida then California) Christmas Eve was at my house and my mom would sleep over so she could still be a part of Santa. God she loved Christmas! I would combine the food David grew up with and also mine and I would spend all day cooking a huge feast. Till the year I decided to only cook Cuban food since that's what everyone ate. Christmas day was recoup day, pajama day, eat leftovers and watch the kids play.

Today....my aunts don't celebrate Christmas since my grandmother and dad died. My MIL moved out of state, David's siblings are scattered, and my mom passed away. It is just the immediate family. There still is Santa for Tony and Anjelika. The way they see it Damien had Santa till he got married soooo since he is just about 6 years older than Tony...they have a few more Santa years to go. This year they didn't expect it.
But Santa did come..meager but he came. Anjelika got underwear and socks, 2 t-shirts, necklace and a painting I did for her. Tony got 2 shirts and a toiletry travel bag so he can carry that stuff while he is on tour. I had it full with stuff, and a small painting I made for him too.

Damien and Emilie have followed suit with the sensory overload.....This year we gave them their space and didn't stop by on Christmas morning. After all they did the same thing we did many years ago and travelled to 3 homes then leave late to then set up Santa.

And though we weren't there, Emilie was thoughtful and sent me this....
It let us have a glimpse into Desi's Santa morning

Following the family tradition. He is an artist and a musician.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Best Gift Ever...

I won best gift of the night.
As I tore open the wrapping I got a glimpse of what it was and I instantly started tearing up.
Damien and Emilie had framed a drawing Desi had made for me

I now have a Desmond original...

Back to Basics

I've always been all about Christmas. This year is different. The recession has taken a huge toll on us this year. David hasn't worked since Thanksgiving. It's been rough on us. I'm just grateful that the kids are grown and have all moved out. It could be worse... I'm grateful I have a home, food on the table, car to get to work, and that I still am able to work. We are all healthy and together for Christmas, that's all that really matters. Tony is here even though he leaves tomorrow.

So this year I decided we would do Dollar Store Christmas and make it easier on all of us and still be able to exchange presents. The kids thought it would be fun too. They are all pretty broke and agreed that Christmas should be about family being together. Anyway they are grown, and Desi is the only one we really had to buy for.

Any other year, I start getting excited once the month of December rolls around. I make myself nuts with shopping for just the right gifts and getting the perfect Christmas tree. But not this year. I was bummed. I wasn't feeling it. My Christmas cheer had disappeared. Christmas Eve I worked a half day, I still hadn't bought much and I still didn't have any decorations up...NO CHRISTMAS TREE!!! At least we had Desi taken care of. I went and bought little things at the dollar store. I had a $15 gift certificate for Target, so I figured I'd just go look. I ended up crying inside Target. Crying because my Christmas was going to suck. So I bought Tony and Anjelika little things so that they would wake up Christmas morning to something under the tree...hmmm what tree? I had nothing. I went home feeling a little better. David had found a small 3 inch Christmas tree that I had from long ago as a table decoration and had decorated it and set it up on the corner of the living room. he sure knows how to make me happy. We started cleaning up and I started dinner. I finally went into Christmas eve mode and wrapped all the presents and put them under the little tree.

Not bad even though you can see the house under construction.

Anjelika had come over to borrow the car so she could pick up some last minute gifts and pick up her things from her week of house sitting for her boss. She laughed at the sight of our little Christmas corner. When she got back, she had brought back with her a real Christmas tree. David had sent her to buy one. Have I mentioned how much I love this man. It's going on 30 years we've been together and he still never ceases to amaze me. Anjelika brought out all the home made and the ornaments we've collected through the years. She decorated and arranged all the gifts I had wrapped.
At 7:30 we sat down to eat our traditional Cuban meal. We ate till we were all in a food coma. Then on to the exchanging of the presents. This year Desi got into at least tearing open his presents.. Notice how quickly he got comfy and got down to basics too. Down to his diaper!
I learned a valuable lesson this year. It's not about what new tech gadget I could buy, what new guitar stuff to get, having Santa for 2 grown children, it's about family. We were all together and we laughed and had fun. The kids got into the whole dollar store gift giving. It was hilarious. David got a target gun so that when someone steps on a mike or guitar cords during jam night he doesn't have to shout across the room..he can just aim and shoot to get their attention.

Somehow we were able to get these on Desi long enough for Laura to take a picture. Gotta love the look on his face..."WTF Mima!!"

Damien and Desi in their new matching Hester Bears shirts.
Desi holding court...
It was all about cars this year for Desi....much to Damien and David's delight.

Now we wait for Santa to come to our respective home.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Arm Fat...Jiggle Jiggle

OMG..I was taking a patient's blood pressure yesterday as he was on the treadmill and out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. So I turned my eyes to get a peak.

It was my arm jiggling to the beat of the man's footsteps on the treadmill!!!

I quickly took the blood pressure and hid my arm in shame.

Did he see? Did the other tech notice??

Yep...flappin' in the wind.

When I was 20, I remember looking at David's grandmother arm fat flappin' in the wind and being mezmorized. Wow ..had never seen that. I swore then, that I would never have that.

Here I am... hiding my arm fat in long sleeves from now on.

Where are those damn dumbells???

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightening...lalalala

First Snow with a mix or rain.....

This view from my front porch this morning kinda goes along with how I've been feeling. BLAH!!!
I've had a migraine that reared its uglies and woke me up from a sound sleep at 4:30 Thanksgiving morning. Today is the first day without one.

I went to Mary and Bob's for Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't last long..I just couldn't hang, the pain was unbearable. At one point the pain was so bad I just wanted David to punch me and knock me out. He passed on my suggestion.
Where are all the good drugs???? All I had was Motrin, 4 at a time..that only took the edge off for like a 1/2 hr. Everyone has Vicodin it seems..but since I've never taken them..wasn't too keen on trying it. Where is the good ole Codeine?? or Rx Motrin 800mg would have worked too.

I should have taken the Vicodin.

Yesterday Damien, Emilie, Anjelika and my baby boy came for dinner. I barely made it through. While cooking I had to lay down for a few... just to let the Motrin take affect.

I vegged all day today...no energy.
Grateful that the migraine moved on.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Techno Geek

I finally got it....The Blackberry Storm

I was waiting to upgrade just cause it was coming out and I wanted a Blackberry.
I've been glued to it since it arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning.

And what have I learned???

I'm a MORON!

It's taking me 2 DAMN DAYS to get everything the way I want it AND.....

I keep screwing up.


But still...I'm doing the happy dance.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

See Ya............

He is gone... but as he constantly reminded me...

"I'll be back at Christmas..even if it's only for a few days"

(sheds a tear)...ok in reality I sobbed BIGTIME

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Becoming an Author Groupie

Is there such a thing???

Victim...I mean author: Jen Lancaster

Browsing through Borders about 2 weeks ago, I saw a cover that caught my eye. I opened it up to the middle of the book and read. Then right there in the middle of a crowded Borders, I laughed so hard and loud that those around me turned and stared as if I was in the library and had just farted. I swear I think I peed a little.

After composing myself, I quickly went to check out with my book in one hand and a nice hot cup of cafe mocha in the other. Ahhhh bliss.

I finished the book in record time and quickly went back to Borders to buy her first and second books.

I don't think I've laughed so hard or been left with wanting to read more, in quite a long time.

And like a drug addict looking for their next fix, (Her next book comes out in the Spring of 2009) I read her blog from the beginning to now..I've told everyone I know they have to buy this book.

She is witty, rude, and HILARIOUS!!

Hmmmm she lives here in Chicago. I want to be her new best friend.

Tony's Farewell Benefit

Better known as keep Tony from being another starving musician in Denver.

It turned out to be a big..I mean HUGE party. Thank God it was held at a bar. I couldn't fit that many people in my basement.
There were posters up of Tony through the years. He even said it felt like a memorial.

That's hubby by some of the posters

The boy stayed sober.(Even though from 9pm to 2 am we went through 4 kegs and I have no idea about the mixed drinks.)He was overwhelmed at how many people came and seeing how many people were contributing to the Keep Tony Fed Fund.

In his words..."I am humbled"

Coalition of the Thrilling played first. Tony and Damien together...and as Damien so eloquently put it..The band that broke up their musical collaboration.

Next up..Tony and Laura...Little Sister and the Bullies
Bob was the MC and kept the crowd going and asking people to join in on the 3 raffles that night.

Then Road Crew came on. Tony and Damien's most successful endeavor.

By the crowds reaction..you would have thought you were at an arena watching some famous rock band
There are over 500 pictures taken..Obviously not posting them all.. But here are a few favs.

Tony leaves Wednesday.....with enough money that he's saved and from the wonderful people that came out and gave their support as well as their hard earned cash.

To all of you..thank you from the bottom of my heart

Heart Attack with a Side of Stroke Please?

Alot has been going on this past month, so I figure I'll break it up into it's own proper sections.

So here goes...

I was having chest pains..the kind that actually hangs in there for a few minutes. Scared the shit out of me, so after Cookie said I looked like shit and asked me if I was feeling ok, I knew it was time to see my cardiologist. Have I mentioned that I work for him too? So I don't get to take a full or even a half day off. That sucks. They just squeeze me in somewhere and come and get me when I am free for a few. The upside is, I don't have a long wait. Ever notice how long you're at a doctor's appointment only to actually see him/her for a nanosecond? Anyway that's another rant all together. Another upside..no one asked me to get undressed. Whew... bad enough when you don't know your doc but geez..when you work for them??? UGH!!

Anyway..I was all relaxed when he came in and said it was about time I saw him. I'm a lousy patient. he takes my blood pressure and it was high,... I mean HIGH.
WOW and I was relaxed! Crap I wonder what it is when I'm going nuts at work or at home?

Heart attack or stroke?? So now I'm on Blood pressure med, med for high cholesterol. (I love cheese and fat and greasy foods) oh yeah.. and an aspirin to keep blood thinned to prevent another one of those pesky myocardial infarctions..better known as heart attacks.

So I am being a good girl..taking the meds, getting over a bad cold (that was the chest pain) and gotta start figuring out a way to not be type A.

Suggestions welcomed

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogging and Twitter and Ning..Oh My!

Why do I never have time to do the things I really want to do?
Cause there is this thing called the internet. A blessing and a curse at the same time.
But every once in awhile you come across something you find from bouncing around this world wide web that knocks your socks off.
This past week...my socks were knocked off. Way off.

My daughter has been complaining ( for quite awhile now) about how nasty or ill mannered people are. She says that people aren't as giving as they should be. She is a huge giver..sometimes to the point where she screws herself over. But still she gives. She is the kind that still opens doors for others, says please and thank you and gets pissed when people don't do the same. Trust me...I've been with her when she hasn't gotten a thank you for holding a door open for someone. her response was...(with a smile) " you're welcome"
Her great idea is that if parents are not enforcing this ..then schools should have a coarse in manners. Ah my child..the dreamer...the one that wants a perfect world. Well maybe not perfect..but damn close.

Anyway... in the course of my browsing from blog to blog..twitter, then nings groups.
I came across a group who's soul purpose is to give. And to do it as a challenge.
Giving as a challenge...wow. I thought at fist.a challenge?? It should come automatically. Then I thought about Anjelika..and she is right. This society seems to be me me me me me me me.

It is hard to explain the feeling that came over me as I read. It was overwhelming. I KNEW I HAD to do this. As I read other members post..it's just so inspiring. And more than anything a newfound belief that there is plenty of goodness all around us.

So if there is anything you want to challenge yourself to do. I urge you to check out

Visit 29-Day Giving Challenge

If anything.... what goes around,comes around.

This will be an interesting journey

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I know its coming....I am excited for him.

But it hit me hard tonight.
I said I would buy the plane ticket for him.

Tonight he said ..."It's time to make the reservation mom. Anytime after the 15th, I think Wednesdays are cheaper"

He kissed me and went down to the basement to hang out with dad and the rest who were gathered here to go to Damien's show tonight.

Then the tears came...a flood of emotions...

He is really leaving.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family and Friends

Last night was Tony's last show with Laura. Even though it was far from home, they had alot of friends and family there to support them and see Tony play for the last time. Correction..last time with Laura and this band. It was a 60's extravaganza. The Mustangs were the headliners and they have a good size following. People were dreesed up as hippies and there was tons of peace, love, and togetherness all around.

We had a blast. Even my two 70 something dear aunts came . Which really surprised Tony and Laura considering they didn't go on till 9 pm. Not sure what impressed them more... they raved all night about Tony's playing, the fact that he wrote what they played, and Laura's voice. I think they were the biggest fans last night

Tony playing the last few songs with the new guitar player...Phil

Playing with the Mustangs later in the night..

And the last chord as a Little Sister and the Bullies...

Friday, September 26, 2008

It amuses me

I had forgotten to post this and still had it in draft mode...oops!

These are a few of the things I've come across these last few weeks that put a smile on my face or gave me a good chuckle...

1. Is it just me or do you see the face too??

2. Damien's new flyer for his upcoming show3. The last flowers to hang in there..fighting the new season.

4. Looking for an extra "something" for a recipe swap that I'm hosting, I came across this..Which I found hilarious!. Gotta love google.

5. And always brightens up my day...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

He is Leaving...It's His Time

Tony was born always in a hurry for...everything.
He is the one with the biggest zest for life out of all of us.
He is my original whirlwind. Constant motion, talking fast to make sure he would get everything in before he could be interrupted, in your face, and the center of attention.

When David taught him to play guitar.. that was IT. He was playing it ALL the time.
After awhile it got on my nerves. He would be talking to you while playing..even slept with it a few times.
As he grew, I would tell him to stop playing for a minute so I could___________(whatever).
He would put the guitar down and say to me.." Mom when VH1 does a Behind the Music on me, I'm going to say how my mom would always tell me to stop playing my guitar" or " I guess you don't want me to buy you a mansion when I grow up"


The past few months I have watched my son become anxious and uncertain. He was quiet and distant. He had planned on moving to Denver but he was still uncertain. He was having problems with Laura, Worried about money..worried bout Laura..worried about leaving his job....worried about Laura.
I wanted to fix it.
But I couldn't.
It was all on him.

He made his decision.... He is leaving...November
Laura is still behing him.
His boss is 100% behind him and even thinking of ways for him to work for them in Denver.
Laura and her mom are throwing a benefit for Tony so he doesn't worry about money.
Anjelika moved in on Sept 1 to help with rent.
Mom and Dad are always there.

Because deep inside, he knows he will never be happy or make anyone else happy unless he persues his passion.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life is Short

In a blink of an eye we are gone.

At work today someone died on me.
One minute we were talking... next minute he was down.

I work in healthcare and although this may happen to alot of others in this field, its has never gotten to this point for me. Close..... but no.
Thankfully we revived him and he is stable.

David said I should be proud of what we did. I am.
But I also can't shake the thought of how fast one's life can end.

I thought of God today.

I am grateful for what I have.
I need to enjoy my life and not just live it.
I need to stop ignoring my own needs.
I need to let my friends know how much they mean to me.
I want to make sure my family knows how much I love and support them not only by my words, but by my actions.

Because, it can all be gone...in just a blink of an eye.

Friday, September 5, 2008

New Journal Brings New Opportunites

I found this book and thought it might help me with all the ideas I have swirling in my head for my new journal. You can read the reviews at Amazon I find funny is that this is SO not my type of book, yet it called me as I was browsing at Borders. It a whole Mind, Body, Soul book..it should help me get better insight into what makes me..me.

We all have that little voice in our heads that steer us in a direction. Call it womens intuition, sixth sense, God..whatever...I've finally learned to give into it and make no apologies for it. When I saw the book, something told me to grab it and without really looking inside, I bought it.
I'm glad I did. I'm taking my time with this.

As I start this new journey of self discovery and wondering where I am going, I'm once again shown a new path. One I wasn't looking for and not even considering.

Damien called me and asked me if I had any art I was interested in selling. Nope don't have anything but hmmmm selling?? I started asking a gazillion questions...Of course my dear son was too vague for mama's liking. his quick answer..talk to Sean.
Sean came over Wednesday and told me that there is this new shop that opened in July in Lakeview/Lincoln Park area. His friend is looking for local artists that are interested in selling their artwork. Sean thought of me. Its Eclectic...its vintage with a mix of funky and artist wares.

Now I have to figure what to do....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Found the perfect journal for my Countdown to 50 journal

Appropriately titled: 50 things to Know about Me that:
A) you never knew
B) never thought of asking
C) Never gave a rat's ass.

My birthday was wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better day. Well actually we celebrated my birthday today since I was the only one with the day off Tuesday....David made sure anything I needed I got since my present was our trip to Michigan. Tony and Laura gave me a set of White Jasmine lotions and bath gels that have the best CLEAN smell. Not flowerery, which I hate but this aroma of ...I don't know..clean comes to mind. I'm in love with it. He also got me these gret stickers for my journals and a gorgeous Blue pen..perfect for my new journal. he knows I'm so ridiculously picky about the pens I use. Damien and Emilie brought and cooked all the food for the BBQ. Desi was his cute self and Anjelika and Kirby ordered my "surprise" that didn't get here on time. But who cares my whole family celebrated and I was happy and very very full.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Plans Never Pan Out

I had visions for this Saturday......

I planned to upload my faces to flicker for my Suziblu class. (which is wonderful by the way)
Clean up studio from my last art marathon.
Start my healing journal
Finish my pages for a skinny book swap due next week.
Do household chores that have been put off for this weekend.
Finishing touch on my project.
Then put all my new artwork on my blog.

Maybe tomorrow.....I have baby boy today.
Change o plans....

Hmmm...think I'll bring out his crayons and gigantic size pad of paper. Maybe we can have an art day.
Yeah right...maybe 15 minutes.
He's my little whirlwind...constant motion till he drops.

Oh well...there is always Sunday.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chewy is HOME!!!!

Thanks to everyone that commented or sent me email with their thoughts and prayers. Its very comforting to know I have so much support. Love you guys!!

I got the call at a gas station by Indiana Dunes... around 10:30 Thursday night
Someone had found CHEWY!!!! YEAH!!
I quickly called and Sharon told me her son had found Chewy...though it was more like Chewy found him. Chewy is waaay friendly. He had been jogging in the park which is huge and Chewy started jogging along with him. So he had to take her home. They were planning on keeping her till they saw one of the fliers I had put all over the neighborhood. She said after she saw it she couldn't keep her no matter how badly they wanted to. She had already bought Chewy all kinds of stuff, which I said I would gladly reimburse her for.
I told her I was out of town but I would call my daughter and her boyfriend to pick her up. ( Only reason I was ok with going to Michigan is cause Anjelika was going to be home and I had left my cell Number on the fliers, nothing to do but wait, since everyone was searching for her everyday}
I was jumping up and down and hugging David. I was ELATED....quickly called Anjelika..no answer..Called Kirby..he picked up and I gave him Sharon's info and asked him to pay whatever they spent and I'd give him the money when I got home. He was just as happy and said he was going right away.
They called me when they got home. Chewy was a bit weird when they got there..maybe just confused about her new surroundings but went nuts when she got home. Jumping and playing when they got her home.
I called numerous times Friday and Saturday...And when we got home Saturday late afternoon.
Gave Chewy tons o love!!
Kirby made the fence hard to get out of and hard to get in for that matter.... but we don't want to go through this ever again!!!
My empty nest dog.... love her to bits

Michigan on a Harley

Yep that's me and the Harley
and now I am sunburnt

We have been looking to sell our property in Tn and find something a bit more closer to home.
I don't see the point of having it since we never get a chance to get there. It's 10 hours away at least and a weekend jaunt it surely isn't.
So in the past month or so we have been discussing Michigan. I want something 2 hours away at most. Not only is it perfect for a weekend home, but if we retire early (like we hope to do) it's close enough to the kids.
On Thursday, David calls me at work with the great idea of taking off Friday and heading out on the bike to cheer me up. It would be our first long ride and we can see how well I do, take my mind off Chewy missing, and we can go up the shoreline and see what Michigan has to offer.
One I got home from work, I packed up...not much considering we are on a bike..(wanted to take some art supplies but there was no room)check out the helmut laws in Indiana and Michigan...and off we go.
Well I'm here to tell ya..I'm on my way to BUNS O STEEL...not from exercise mind you, but from being on a Harley at 60mph on an expressway..tollroad. I seriously don't think I could have squeezed my buttcheeks any tighter. By the time we were in Indiana but butt hurt and so did my fingers from digging into David's side every time a truck went by and I thought we'ld be blown off theh road. Needless to say he was not a happy camper. We got off just before the Indiana Dunes and he was livid. His neck hurt from wearing a helmet (no helmut law in IL) and the added stress of worrying about me freaking out. It was mostly the neck pain. After his 2 surgeries, its never been great and the fact that we left after a full day of pipe bending didn't help.
But David being David, he quickly calmed down and wanted me to enjoy riding as much as he does. Well ain't gonna happen on an expressway thats for sure.
We got on rt 12 and even though its 55 mph, somehow it's different for me. I relaxed and actually was ok...
On one of our many stops I had gotten a call..one that made my trip a much happier one...but thats a post all on its own.
So what should have taken 1 1/2 hours took 4 hours with all the stopping and my freak out.
We got a hotel and settled in..I was EXHAUSTED.
We checked out Niles, Michigan and surrounding towns and New Buffalo. I want close to the lake ..David wants land with no one close by. Hmmm compromise. But we both agree we love it around there. One thing he brough to my attention was how nice an quiet the towns were. And how loud our family is. A family gathering is full of music and lets face it..the boys have a wife and fiance that are loud...in a good way...very lively. You'ld think they were from my side of the family. So maybe on the outskirts of town is better...some acreage where we don't bother anyone.
So he will be going to Tn in the next month to begin selling that property so we can buy in Michigan.