Monday, January 18, 2010

Ritz Project Part 1

Every Saturday/Sunday I plan on setting a goal for myself and by the time the following week rolls around I plan on accomplishing it.

Lesson learned- By trying to cram everything into one day, I don't accomplish what I want and end up frustrated and angry at myself. If I sit for too long, I feel like I'm wasting my day. There are seven days in a week and I try to cram all I want and need to do into two...sometimes one.

Yesterday was good example. I wanted to get everything done in one day. I know I have all week but that didn't matter.There is no reason I shouldn't do something for myself in the evenings. I never have so it's time that I do. And..I'm suppose to enjoy the process not rush through it.

So what did I accomplish? I made Cuban black beans in a bed of rice, palomilla steaks, fried plantains, and an avocado salad with Florida avocados and the last of a tomato I had. Though I have made this a ton of times, I did allow myself to enjoy the process and not hurry through it. Do you know that I have never paid attention to the aroma in the kitchen? Not this time...I took it all in and it was wonderful. I did hurry through for the picture taking part. There really was no reason except for my head telling me that everyone else was in a hurry to eat. Well that's something else to work on.

But here it is....


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