Saturday, September 20, 2008

He is Leaving...It's His Time

Tony was born always in a hurry for...everything.
He is the one with the biggest zest for life out of all of us.
He is my original whirlwind. Constant motion, talking fast to make sure he would get everything in before he could be interrupted, in your face, and the center of attention.

When David taught him to play guitar.. that was IT. He was playing it ALL the time.
After awhile it got on my nerves. He would be talking to you while playing..even slept with it a few times.
As he grew, I would tell him to stop playing for a minute so I could___________(whatever).
He would put the guitar down and say to me.." Mom when VH1 does a Behind the Music on me, I'm going to say how my mom would always tell me to stop playing my guitar" or " I guess you don't want me to buy you a mansion when I grow up"


The past few months I have watched my son become anxious and uncertain. He was quiet and distant. He had planned on moving to Denver but he was still uncertain. He was having problems with Laura, Worried about money..worried bout Laura..worried about leaving his job....worried about Laura.
I wanted to fix it.
But I couldn't.
It was all on him.

He made his decision.... He is leaving...November
Laura is still behing him.
His boss is 100% behind him and even thinking of ways for him to work for them in Denver.
Laura and her mom are throwing a benefit for Tony so he doesn't worry about money.
Anjelika moved in on Sept 1 to help with rent.
Mom and Dad are always there.

Because deep inside, he knows he will never be happy or make anyone else happy unless he persues his passion.


Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL vid of your son!! I wish him the best of everything in Denver!

Anonymous said...

It is his time to fly. Your video made me cry a little. If he has your talent he will soar.


artlover said...

I could feel the sensitivity, and hearfelt love for your son. What a beautiful video from a young child to adulthood. He was born with a guitar in his hands.
Good luck with his future endeavors, and with all the love and support surrounding him, he will do love

murmaid said...

Hi Ritz,What a handsome son he is...and I understand. I know the thing that helps me most when situations are out of my praying. Ask God to protect your son and to help comfort you during this time and he will beyond all understanding. I'll be praying for your son and for you as well. God bless...your friend...Murmaid xo

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your video tribute to your son is beautiful and your love for him really comes through in it. With such great love and support behind him I'm sure he will be a success!

Good Luck and Best Wishes for the future!

lifeartdreams said...

Bless your heart! This is beautiful, I am deeply touched. It is so hard to watch our babies grow and fly to their future. I have a 20 year old daughter. Its tough to let go but I know the best is yet to come for her and for your son too. As moms this means the best is yet to come for us as we watch them walk/fly their path.

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful!
i am not looking forward to the letting my kids fly I know they have to but still.
found your post through your Suziblog