Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Found the perfect journal for my Countdown to 50 journal

Appropriately titled: 50 things to Know about Me that:
A) you never knew
B) never thought of asking
C) Never gave a rat's ass.

My birthday was wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better day. Well actually we celebrated my birthday today since I was the only one with the day off Tuesday....David made sure anything I needed I got since my present was our trip to Michigan. Tony and Laura gave me a set of White Jasmine lotions and bath gels that have the best CLEAN smell. Not flowerery, which I hate but this aroma of ...I don't know..clean comes to mind. I'm in love with it. He also got me these gret stickers for my journals and a gorgeous Blue pen..perfect for my new journal. he knows I'm so ridiculously picky about the pens I use. Damien and Emilie brought and cooked all the food for the BBQ. Desi was his cute self and Anjelika and Kirby ordered my "surprise" that didn't get here on time. But who cares my whole family celebrated and I was happy and very very full.

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